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Thread: Chess set

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    Will do Allen. I don't know if he'll have an opportunity though. School lets out here in a week and a half.

    He'll be a junior next year and is going to try and go to TCAT (Tennessee College of Applied Technology) which is a fancy name for a technical school next year and take machining 1/2 a day. If he does he'll get most of the program in before he graduates.

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    That's really cool! Nice work on both pieces.
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    Well done all around! I think it's great that your son has an interest in (and talent for) something like machining. I have a nephew who learned old-school machining back when it was going out of style, and he's made a nice living ever since. He's equally comfortable with a lathe or milling machine, as well as CNC.
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    Thanks Vaughn

    The high school he's at is the only one in the county with a machine shop program. It is old school with all manual machines. I figured he could learn the basics and have an understanding of manual machining and that couldn't do anything but help. He's also learned a ton of welding in the past two years MIG, TIG, and stick. I've toured the tech school and he'll pick up on the computerized side there.

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