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Thread: Some guitars

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    Some guitars

    My wife and I visited the McMichael Gallery near Toronto a couple of weeks ago. They are dedicated to the preservation of the work of the Group of Seven, an artistic movement in the interwar years which wished to show Canada as it is, a rugged and beautiful place. They have recently sponsored a project to produce guitars which may bring to mind the characteristics of each painter in the group. Here are four of them, all hand made and hand painted. The extra eight strings on a couple of these had me thinking they were drones, but in the video they showed, the guitarist was actually playing them. I had never seen that before.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Cool stuff, Roger. The ones with the extra strings are called harp guitars. I'd imagine the internal bracing for those must be pretty substantial in order to handle the additional tension of the extra strings.
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    Those are some nice looking ones.

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