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Thread: Something to keep an eye out for...

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    Something to keep an eye out for...

    I just saw this extinguishing device. It can be used for direct intervention or place passively in high risk areas (dust bin of dust collector, chemical storage cabinets?).
    They appear to be between $70-$90

    Installation locations:

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    I spent 7 years as the Fire Marshal for a 3.8 million sq ft research and manufacturing facility. I was also a volunteer fireman since the age of 18, until I retired. This looks interesting, but I can remember Halon extinguishers and Carbon Tetrichloride glass ball fire extinguishers. Both seemed like the big answer to fire fighting, but then major problems came about with their use. I would want to know what the powder is in these extinguishers before accepting them. Interesting videos though.



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