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Thread: My grandpa's draw knives

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    My grandpa's draw knives

    My dad just gave me my grandpa's draw knives, very cool!!! Now, my dad had protected the blades by wrapping duct tape on them way back in the 80's when he got them and I have taken that stuff off, now there is a fair amount of adhesive left on the blades from the tape, what should be used to take the residue off? I have tried DNA a bit with little if any results, before I do something regretable i thought I would pose the question here, what should I use?
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    Goo Gone should work.

    Maybe even WD40.

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    Great catch there. I believe acetone will do the job just fine. But, acknowledge it can be tough stuff to remove. The next/big issue will be learning to sharpen them correctly. What might feel like a sharp edge but with wrong angle can render them useless for use intended. I am not very good at that task and our local professional guy isn't any better so, for the most part, mine go unused.
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    Another vote for acetone, but wear gloves to protect your nail polish. Oh! er...

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    There's nothing like treasured tools handed down through the generations. Lee Valley sells a sharpening jig for drawknives Tom.

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    Those are really nice, cool you have them now and good on your dad for saving them and passing them down.

    Lucky there's no rust, they look like they're in really good shape and just need a wee touch up.

    Curtis Buchanan has a nice set of videos on sharpening a drawknife.

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    Congrats, those look like some nice additions.

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    Very cool, Tom. If acetone doesn't cut the adhesive, try lacquer thinner.
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    I know that these will find a good home with you. I have a number of tools from my father and grandfather. some common and often used (hamers, squares, a Stanley #18 bevel gauge), some less common that just occupy a special place in the shop. All treasured.
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    Thanks for the recommendations all, I picked up some goo gone and acetone last night as I had neither, so will have a go after work today. These will be wall hangers but I won't have a problem putting them to use when needed

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