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Thread: Hitachi 12" Slider CMS

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    Hitachi 12" Slider CMS

    I went to the freight depot yesterday and picked up my new CMS ( - A Reconditioned version). I caught it on sale for $209, but then had to pay freight of $85. Still cheaper than anywhere else by about $90 and I've had very good luck with the reconditioned tools from Big Sky.

    It came strapped to a small pallet and box was in good condition overall. It came well packed.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I was kinda surprised just how well packed.
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    I still need to build it's new home (maybe this weekend), so it will sit on the work bench for now.
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    The slider is fixed length for the rear, so don't have to work about making the bench extra deep to accommodate it. There is also a laser on it, which is adjustable, but has it's own power switch here on the side.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice saw. If it's anything at all like my old CF8B (8˝") slider, it'll be dead nuts accurate right out of the box, and stay that way forever. I had mine for over 20 years, moved it cross-country twice, and never had to recalibrate it.
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    Very nice. Someday.... I'll graduate to a slider.
    Best of luck with it. A performance report might be in order once its up and running.
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    Congrats! If I was in the market for a slider, that'd be the model I'd be looking for.
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    I paid almost $600 for my Hitachi SCMS about 12 years ago.

    It has done a LOT of cutting

    It has laser, but I don't really use it.

    I am VERY VERY happy with it.

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    Looks like a nice tool. Should serve you well. My CMS was $69.00 from Northern Tool. It has served me well except the blade was the pits and I replaced that with a good one. I've had a couple tools with those laser guides on them. Handy to have but they are super cheapo add ons and don't last, at least, mine haven't. When I replaced the blade part of the safety cover mechanism, which had to come off, contained almost microscopic sized detent balls and springs. Those went "bing" and flew off into never-never land. So, I now operate the saw with no guard but am super careful about keeping my hands away, which I always did anyways. Right now I have reason to consider an upgrade.
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    Nice saw.
    My Hitachi SCMS is about 15 years old. It's got some high mileage on it, but still works beautifully and accurately. This summer i replaced all of the ball bearings on it (several were worn out), and for less than $60 it runs like new again. It's a solid, well engineered and made tool. Hope you like it because you'll probably have it for a very, very long time.

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