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Thread: New To Me Tools

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    New To Me Tools

    I went to visit a buddy of mine who is Going to be leaving Japan. If I had more space I'd have bought up most of his workshop, but I did get his old
    Performax 16-32 Plus drum sander for a good price and his Delta variable speed drill press. I'll move my other drill press upstairs to the welding area, I like to keep the welding and the woodworking seperate.
    Now I have to figure out where I'm going to put this drum sander. I might build a flip top cart and put the drum sander on one side and the thickness planener on the other side.
    Line I have time to do this right now LOL.
    The Drum Sander

    The drill press.

    Both tools safe and sound in the Dungeon.

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    Nice score. I've been wanting a surface sander for a while, next on my list of things to add to the shop.

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    I'd love to get the 16/32. Ive got the little 10/20 and it's really quite a nice tool, assuming it's not used as a thickness planer.

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    Congratulations, Stu!

    I've had a 16-32 for nearly 15 years and wouldn't want to be without it. I had to replace the conveyor a couple of years ago because of wear. Other than that, no problems at all.
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    I believe I have the same drill press! I wish I could figure out how to reduce the side-to-side play in the quill when it is extended more than an inch or so. (It doesn't affect most jobs, but when I use a tiny bit to drill dozens of holes 1/8" apart it really slows me down...)
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    I had that model several years ago. Two suggestions:

    If it is the older model that does not slow down automatically when the load gets heavy, add a cheap clamp on ammeter. By watching the current to the sander motor, you can optimize the sanding speed tremendously.

    The instructions say to raise the drum a few thousandths at the open end when you are doing two pass double wide sanding. Leave it in that position, and you can sand first pass on a narrow board at the outer end, move it in slightly to do the first pass on the back, and if you need additional passes on either side keep moving it towards the motor end for each additional pass
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    I have that sander in an older version - 2 1/2" DC outlet. Love it. No better machine for end grain cutting boards, wild grain, and thin strips. Enjoy!
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    Nice haul. Soon there will be not even enough room to fall down in, so think of this as a safety upgrade to the dungeon

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