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Thread: Good article on bowl gouge grinds and history

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    Good article on bowl gouge grinds and history

    Glenn Lucas posted a link to this on his Facebook feed the other day. It's a really interesting history of how we ended up with the modern bowl gouge.
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    Thanks for this, Ryan! I am gonna sit down and read it after while. Looks quite interesting.
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    Interesting. Some things to try when the snow melts off my shop floor.

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    Thanks Ryan just what the doctor ordered for me.
    I have the one way grinding setup and dumbass I am when turning in December forgot to use it. Duh.
    So I ground a few gouges without it and only later kicked my own butt.
    Now that I have my lathe all setup on its new bench I will be making sure I have a setup handy for dealing with my lathe chisel grinding. Want it to be a handy and dedicated sharpening station. No use when tools are away in cupboards or draws.

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    Good read!
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