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Thread: 220V remote?

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    220V remote?

    I'm looking for recommendations for a 220V remote for my DC. I know Griz has one fairly inexpensive, but I vaguely remember hearing that it wasn't very good. FWIW, my DC is a 1 1/2hp Delta.

    Thanks and Happy T-day,


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    quite happy with the Long Ranger I picked up at woodcraft. I bought the wired model, so I just have a centrally mounted switch. It's low voltage, so I could add more switches in future. about $59 as I recall. they offer a wireless version also.

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    I have the long ranger remote and have not had any problems with it at all. I've been using it for at least 6 years with only a couple of changes of batteries. I use a 3hp grizzly collector.
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    A cheaper, and IMHO a better way of doing the remote is to get a 220 volt contactor from an electrical supply house or even ebay. I got mine from Grainger. It's a Leviton brand and cost me about 22.00. Those that reported the ebay sources a while back were quoting closer to 10.00. I don't have a remote on mine yet, but it is wired in a way that the 110 volt trigger wire is on a 110 volt plug that just plugs into a switched receptacle. I can plug a 110 volt remote inline, use the 110 remote to turn on the trigger wire that in turn kicks the contactor and starts the cyclone. I've heard that Home depot has some cheap 110 remotes for 10.00. Whatever you use for the remote, it doesn't have to be much as the contactor pulls very little amperage.
    Hope this helps! You should have an electrical box to mount it all in. I think the one I used was about 10.00, but is a little small. This was outlined on the web by Dennis Peacock, but the link is now dead. Very easy to put together though. Jim.

    Edit-found the web page on Dennis's web site. Try:

    If that doesn't work, go to: click the "Flat Work" tab on the left, the scroll down and click the "Wireless DC" tag. Dennis is a very nice guy and will help you if you email him. Jim
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    I made mine for about 50.00
    220 contactor, box, and lamp remote.
    I used Dennis's and Tylers wiring diagram to set it up.

    I left my collector switch inline with it though, in case the remote quits.

    I had to make one for mine, as the remotes being sold are for 3 hp.
    My collector is a 4 hp motor

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    I have had the Long Ranger but when I needed to replace the remote I couldn't get the one that would work with my old unit anymore so I got the Shop Fox one & it has worked just fine for about 8 months now. Its real handy to have 2 remotes, one pinned to my tool vest & one usually on the table saw but maybe floating around like now on the drill press for use with the combo sander right next to it when I don't have the vest on.
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    Of the many things I have bought from X10, the 240 volt remote switch that I use on my Dust Collector is the only thing that works (or is still in use).

    If you have to buy on-line, use their web site to select what you want, then call the 800 number. They will practically demand an email address, but refuse... I got over 600 mails from them before they gave up (I put in a block with a counter). Sometimes I see the equipment available at Lowe's.
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    I've had a Long Ranger hooked up to my Grizzley 2hp DC for about seven years with no problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ken werner View Post
    I'm looking for recommendations for a 220V remote for my DC. I know Griz has one fairly inexpensive, but I vaguely remember hearing that it wasn't very good. FWIW, my DC is a 1 1/2hp Delta.

    Thanks and Happy T-day,

    Another vote for the Long Ranger - 8 years - no problems.....ah....except when I forget to take the remote off my belt and accidentally turn the DC on when getting ready for bed!
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    Like Steve said, I made mine from spare parts around the shop. Works great. Made another to operate the yard light at my new place.
    If your handy and promise not to let the smoke out I'll send you a schmatic.

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