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Thread: SU Tut--Drill Hole in Pipe

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    SU Tut--Drill Hole in Pipe

    At Stu's request, here's how to drill a hole in a pipe.

    From left to right:

    The pipe.

    The pipe with the "drill" in front of it. The drill is just a cylinder of the desired diameter placed at the desired angle.

    The pipe with the "drill" moved into it. Note the lack of a line along the intersection of the pipe and the drill. These parts aren't really intersecting yet.

    Select the "drill", right click and choose Intersect with model.

    Delete the "drill". Note the cursor pointing at the blue edge. This is a back face, the inside face of the "drill".

    Select the outside surface of the pipe, right click and choose Orient faces.


    Will that work for you?

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    Yep, that worked like a charm, what I was missing was the right click "Intersect with Model" part.

    Thanks so much!
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    Kewl, another trick to my SU bag.
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    Glad that works for you.

    It is probably obvious but I'll say it anyway. Intersect model can be used for all sorts of cuts and holes and so on. You could make a tenon cut its own mortise or pins cut their tails. It is especially useful for cutting mitres on moldings with complex shapes, i.e. crown molding.

    Here's an example where I used a cutting plane. Don't let that confuse you. Think of it as a sawblade making the cut.

    Cut a slot in a truss head machine screw:

    Routing stopped flutes:

    Detailing a Greene and Greene Blacker House chair leg:

    Or even base molding:

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    Fantastic step-by-step visuals Dave.

    Is there an easy way to add text to a drawing without the call-out tool?


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    Glad it worked Neil.

    Text? You can turn off the leader lines if you don't want them. You can just click in space and put in text, too but it remains visible as you move around. If you only want the text to show in a given view you need to attach it to some geometry or you need to place it on a layer which gets turned off aas needed for certain page views.
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