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Thread: Shop Fire Safety

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    Shop Fire Safety

    It took three weeks for my local oil dealer to deliver a tank and get heat inside my shop, but today I am finally working up wood without freezing my fingers off.

    Still as nice as this is, it kind of scares me. While I have a well installed forced hot air propane furnace in my shop now, its still basically a controlled fire. Since my shop is detached from my house by 150 feet, I would like to install a smoke detector out there, but have it make its alarm inside my house. That way if there is a fire in the middle of the night, I will be alerted to it a lot quicker. (My shop will have constant heat).

    Does anyone know how hard this will be to do? Can something like this be purchased, or do I have to modify a regular smoke detector? If they do make such a detector, how expensive are they?

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Maybe wire two smoke alarms together in tandem?

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    I just installed a complete alarm system to protect the house and shop. The shop is a separate partition so they can be armed and disarmed separately. Only 4 conductors were necessary between the shop and house panel. I used heat detectors--alarm company wouldn't monitor smoke detectors because of the sawdust issue.

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