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Thread: Welcome Richard Leshner!!

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    Welcome Richard Leshner!!

    Hi Richard, or is it Rich, or Dick?

    I've got an Uncle Richard, but I never EVER heard him called Richard by ANYONE but my Grandmother, usually when he was in some kind of do-do

    Always "Uncle Dick".

    Welcome to Family Woodworking, no matter what handle you use, like they say, "I don't care what you call me, as long as you don't call me late for dinner!!"

    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
    William Arthur Ward

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    thanks for the welcome

    Stu, thanks for flipping the switch so quickly. Actually I go by Butch, my father's name is Richard too, he goes by Dick he didnt want the big and little joke happening so he called me Butch.

    This looks like a nice place, I'm going to be needing lots of advice when I pick up my new lathe next week. I'll try to have some pics. I'm getting the mini jet vs with extension and stand display model in the store (if they still have it) for under 500. Thanks again.

    Richard "Butch" Leshner

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    hi butch!
    [SIZE="1"] associated with several importers and manufacturers.[/SIZE]

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    Welcome Butch. We have a number of turners on the site so you should get plently of "help".

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    Steve Clardy Guest

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    797 better watch out Butch. These turners here are gonna love you with your brand new lathe and all.

    Did you know that these turners here even make things like pens and bowls and even some things called "Hollow Forms". It's downright amazing, that's for sure.

    A hearty welcome to you Butch.
    Thanks, Mark.

    Custom Bonehead.

    My diet is working good. I'm down to needing just one chair now.

    "Just think how stupid the average person is, and then realize that half of them are even stupider!" --George Carlin

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    Welcome to the Family, Butch! Jim.
    Coolmeadow Setters...
    Exclusively Irish!
    Home of Irish Setter Rescue of North Texas
    When Irish Eyes are smiling, they're usually up to something!!
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