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Thread: Well... I am praying to

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    Well... I am praying to

    ..the woodworking gods next weekend because I have to install this bathroom vanity, wall panel with pilasters and all associated trim. There is also mirrors and accent panels for the walls which have the plumbing fixture attached to it and the lights. The vanity will be topped with a green stone top that curves around the vanity and then returns straight to the wall, splitting a pair of the pilasters in half.
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    Very unique! Your design interpretation of what the client asked for, I'm guessing?? Beautiful work, and a beauritul piece of furniture. Jim.
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    Paul, all I can say is....AMAZING.
    Thanks, Mark.

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    this may help....

    explain it a bit better
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Sure got a lot of curvie work going there Paul

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    That's sure a nice vanity. Is that your design? It sure has an 'architects' flair to it!

    So, what kind of wood? Finish?

    I'd also be interested in construction details on how you did the curve work.

    Oh, and I'd obviously like to see the finished installed product, if that's possible...

    Very very nice...and good luck with the install...
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    cool paul! good luck on the install
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    Looks great Paul, the install is always the nerve racking part.


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    Beautiul work and unique design. How did you build the doors and base?


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    Thanks for looking guys. It is based upon a picture that the client saw and they liked. Orginally it was going to be Fiddleback Anigre but the cost of the 4x8 sheet alone was about 350! That on top of the fact that I would have had to vacuum bag the vanity in order to veneer it to match up the grain flecks really drove up the cost of the project.

    Instead we decided to go with all solid wood for the vanity, maple on top cherry below and use maple veneered ply for the pilasters and wall panels. The cones are made via solid wood with beveled and tapered staves. It prooved to be a very tricky undertaking to get the two cones to match as they did. Each cone took about a week to glue up, as I could only glue so many of them since clamping was so tricky. After all glued I then used cabinet scrapers and my big Rotex to smooth out the slight ridges. I ended up using 24 staves for each cone as this allowed to get a realtively "smooth" curve. The hinges are another story all together. I can tell you one thing I am really glad I had a Slider to cut those staves. One simple jig and I was in stave heaven.
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