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Thread: We lost another one...

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    We lost another one...

    Kind of a sad day for us here. My wife's cousin went out fishing yesterday morning...and like so many boats here in Maine, it never returned to port. The lobster boat sank pretty quickly, and while one guy managed to get into a skiff and be rescued, my wife's cousin died from exposer and hyperthermia.

    Every year we lost 6-7 boats a year to the sea so this is not anything new to us, but it still gets to you. Kind of sad. So for those of you that are religious, keep this family in mind while praying. The family got hit hard this week. They just got done laying another cousin to rest on Saturday. He died in Iraq.

    No matter what your beliefs are, please keep the poor fisherman in mind when you buy your seafood at the store. It is a hard, and often times, sad way of life. We figured it out that we have 7 relatives working out on the water this winter. Winter fishing is the worst. So to everyone that goes down to the sea in ships...God Bless.

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    My Prayers are with you all.
    As a man of the Sea, stories like this make me shiver.
    I can only imagine.
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    Travis, You family is in my prayers.
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    Travis, I grew up in a area of Commercial fisherman on the Great Lakes, every once in a while we'd lose one. I personally knew two who lost their life while fishing on the boats. I can not say I know how you are feeling because I've never lost a relative that way....I did lose a couple of good friends, it is certainly a sad time for you and your family. I have a strong belief in God and I will make sure that I say a prayer for your relative and for your family.
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    That is really tragic, my heart and prayers go out to your family.

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    Living by the ocean you become very aware of the dangers that fisherman face everyday. We all get chills when those Coast Guard helos take flight.

    You and your family are in our prayers...

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    sorry man! my condolances to you and your family travis...tod
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    Heartbreaking. My condolences to the family. Rough seas, small boats and winter weather has to be one of the toughest environments possible.

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    I'll just echo what Frank said. Sorry to see the sad news, and all my best wishes to you and the rest of the family.
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    My condolences and thoughts and prayers to you and your family Travis! You only have to experience the Atlantic's winter seas once to make an everlasting impression!

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