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Thread: Cutting African Mahogany

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    Cutting African Mahogany

    Why am I having such a hard time cutting african mahogany on my table saw? I am trying to cut a long 45 - and the wood is binding and pinching the blade, and once off the saw - (where I had to stop mid cut) one of the pieces is curling right up - (TWANG - for sound affect). OK< so I decide to straight rip it and still getting binding. I have already checked that my fence is square etc... AND, it isn't happening on all pieces, but what a pain in the neck. I feel like I am going to have to make all my rips with the Festool to be safe.

    I can take a picture if I need to...but let me know if you have any ideas. I am wasting really expensive wood down there..ouch!

    p.s. not happening on other species either, which I tested.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Sounds like there's a lot of stress in the wood Gail.

    Bandsaw to basic shape, then joint the pieces maybe?

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    plain-n-simple the mahogany is case order to "fix" the problem one of two things needs to happen
    1) back to the kiln for propper drying or
    2) let it aclimate to your enviornment for several weeks to several months? it`ll depend on the boards how long in reality......tod
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    Marty and I were seeing alot of the issues you discussed above with the Cypress he is putting on th eoutside of his shop. We found that the growth and grain patterns are causing multiple stress points in the board. Its natures way of messing with you and I do not have a solution for you other than "best of luck". The issue may be compounded by the TS but will occur with anything you cut it with (BS or Festool) as it is the "stored energy" in the board that is giving you grief. Sorry I could not be of more help.

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    augh....that's all I can say. Got through today with it, we will see about tomorrow.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I used African Mahogany on this recording studio console that I finished a couple of months ago.

    (I can't seem to upload any pics at the moment so.....)

    When I was ripping the 1/2" wide edge banding I had the same thing happen to my material as well. It would move/warp in both directions and the rips came out all twisty/warpy/bendy. I had to do some "creative clamping" to get it glued up. I don't know anything more about the wood but it seems that maybe there is some that is cut from a stressed part of the tree? Maybe the tree grows twisty or crooked? It was interesting.
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    Thanks, Mark.

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    Hey Gail,
    I had the same experience last year with a batch of african mahogany. Most pieces cut fine, but some were just waiting to warp. I think Tod nailed it - that the wood wasn't dried properly. BTW, those misbehaving pieces worked just fine in the fire place

    One other annoying characteristic of afro mahogany, in case you don't already know, is that there can be patches of fuzzy texture on the face that resists just about any kind of sanding, scraping, etc. Only way I know to calm the beast is to put on a light coat of glue size to raise the grain and seal, then sand or scrape before finishing.

    I does make beautiful furniture if you have the patience. Hope you will share some pics!

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