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Thread: Short Introduction - Allen Bookout

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    Short Introduction - Allen Bookout

    It looks like that you are supposed to wait to be introduced but I thought that I would just butt in as I already feel like I am at home here. I wonder why. I guess it is because I see a lot of good friends here and they seem to be the cream of the crop.

    This time I included my photo just in case you ever wondered what I looked like. Now arn't you sorry! At least Jay will know who to look for when we meet up in the spring. I always feel like I know the person better when I see their picture and it makes for a more friendly exchange of information and ideas. Could be that it is just me.

    One other thing. I could not use my Yahoo Email so if you send me an Email I probably will not see it for a couple of weeks as I almost never use my Comcast account. I guess that the instant Email notification will not work for me either. If you need to get hold of me send me a private message and I will answer and give you my Email address if you need it.

    In any case, this looks like a great place and thanks for letting me join in for a while. I hope that it is longer than a while.


    Allen Bookout

    P.S. I love the Jig and Fixture Forum!!!!
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    Welcome Allen!

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    Hey Allen, welcome to the family. It's nice to finally put a face with a name.
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    Welcome Friend. Glad your here.

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    hi allen! glad you made it.....pull up a chair we ain`t goin` anywhere...tod
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    Allen, thanks for the introduction, I really like to get to know members by their short intros, and yeah, the pics help, well except for Mark Rios, he is sparing all of us by NOT putting up an avatar....

    Great to get to know you a bit, look forward to you contributions and some pics of your stuff!

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    Good to see you here Allen....welcome!
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    Allen, never wait on us, we are a little slow. Glad you joined and enjoy the site.

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    Welcome Allen

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