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Thread: display mode question

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    display mode question

    Trying to view the last post in a large thread I have to click through about 5 pages of "more replies below current depth" in hybrid mode just to get to one post. I can't seem to find a setting in the usercp that will show most of the thread at once in the outline kinda thing at the top of the thread (I think its just the lack of a scroll bar). Is there something obvious I'm missing?

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    First of all you can select how many posts on a given thread are displayed on you user option up to 200 posts per thread. Second when you are on the menu for a given thread you can go to the last post read by selecting the arrow on the right under last post. Hope this is as clear as mud..
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    In the Senior Member thread for example, I only see the first seven posts, even though I did set the # of posts per page to 200. Also no arrows in the menu, though I've seen those elsewhere.

    Time to experiment a bit more and see if I can break something

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