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Thread: Attention Bosch 1591 and 1590 Owners

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    Attention Bosch 1591 and 1590 Owners

    I had a problem with one type of blade and so I sent Bosch a message and received the reply today. You may find it interesting and save you from buying blades that do not work correctly. I would suspect that this is true of the 1590 as well. Below is the correspondence. I do not know it there are any other blades that are to thick to work properly or not.

    -Original Message--
    From: Allen Bookout
    Date: 12/4/2006 10:23:29 PM
    Subject: Bosch Tools Contact Us Form

    First Name: R.
    Last Name: Bookout
    Bosch Tool Owner: Yes
    Topic: General/All Other
    Comments: I ordered a Bosch 1591 Jigsaw from Amazon and just got it
    today. I cannot inset the T144BF precision wood blade that was included
    because it is to wide to fit in the groove in the small roller. The
    blade measures .065 of an inch thick and the groove in the roller, as
    near as I can meaure it, is .054 of an inch. Is the blade defective or
    is the roller to narrow? The T123X (.039") and the T244D (.049") work
    fine as well as the T101BF blades that I bought from Home Depot. I have
    two packages of 101AQ blades ordered and do not know if they are to
    thick to work or not.

    Any help?

    Email from Contact Us Form

    Thank you for writing and for your patience. These blades are new and
    are thicker than our older blades. The rollers
    on the saws are in the process of being changed and will have a wider
    groove. This will be a running change so I don't know exactly when this
    will take place.

    In the meantime, after a short running period the rear of the blade
    "will" conform itself to the current roller and work fine.

    I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Please let me know if there is anything more I can help you with.

    Bosch Customer Service

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    Not to dispute the reply you got, but, as I understand, these blades are pretty hard. .011" is quite a bit of material at that hardness to conform. I would think this would cause the blade to wander for a while. I can't speak from experience since I dont have that saw...yet. I will probably be getting one for the next job I have. Let me know what happens with the blades

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    Thanks for the post, Alan.

    I have a 1590, and I'm also pretty sure the same thing applies. Is Bosch going to offer a "refit" kit for those who already own the saw?


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    Ed, I sure will post back anything that I find out. I am with you, dosn't sound like a proper temporary fix to me. I just will not use the blade. Right after this happened I saw a picture of a Mikita that looks like a carbon copy of the Bosch and was thinking that I should have bought it instead but then it occured to me that Makita might have "borrowed" the plans and specs from Bosch. It would not supprise me a bit if the Makita rollers are the same width as the Bosch.

    Greg, I don't know about them offering a refit kit. The message sounds pretty vague to me. Sounds to me like that they just found out about it and are making stuff up as they go along when they talk about a running change and no timetable. If I find out anything I will post it here.
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    I'm wondering what will "conform," the thickness of the blade, the width of the roller groove, or a little of both. If the groove wears, will that cause normal width blades to run out side-to-side? In any case, I would be concerned that the wear may not occur where you expect. If one side of the groove wears more than the other, then you may end up with a skewed cut.

    It reminds me of a department store clerk downplaying an oversize suit by telling the customer "don't worry it will ride up with wear."

    It appears the marketing dept. is getting ahead of the engineering dept. Meanwhile, I would wait for a retrofit that properly accommodates those thicker blades rather than risk altering the alignment.



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    You got it Kevin. I'm not running that blade until a there is a roller change. Perhaps the blades could be filed down but just using different blade would be a lot easier. I just won't buy any more of the same blades.

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