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Thread: Thinking About Making a Hollower System

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    Thinking About Making a Hollower System

    Im sort of looking at making a hollower system for turning hollow forms. Anyone have any suggestions ,links or maybe even one they may want to sell or trade? Just sort of pondering the thought right now

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    Several guys over at Woodturners Resource have built their own articulating arm rigs, and I know a couple of other guys who have homemade D-handle rigs.

    Personally, I prefer the systems from Monster Lathe Tools because they're built like tanks and they come complete and ready to run with a wide variety of cutting tips. (Disclaimer: I'm biased, since I run their web site, but I was a very happy customer before I built the site.)
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    Here is my >> HF Captured Rig << thread
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    My dad has made a few of them....the first was a Hand Held then a caputred rig like Stu's and finally a Elbow type hollower I have the captured rig now and it works like a charm! The elbow type hollower works better if you ask me and takes up less room too! Make sure you show us what you come up with.
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    Probably a good start would be to decide if you want a D-arm or articulating hollower. There are alot of pictures around to show you both
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