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Thread: A family event with a new tool at the end of it

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    A family event with a new tool at the end of it

    So i get a email the other day reminding me there is a drill press for sale on the forum. That was good ole Jay looking out for me like a guardian angle. Paul's widow is still selling Paul's behemoth of a Grizzly Drill press. I had totally forgotten about that and besides the logistics of getting to my place would kill any benefit. Well then I remembered the Ambassador had said something about stopping by Jay on the return trip so i PMed him and sure enough he said buy it and we will make a plan to get it to his place.
    So i put in a bid which Jay kindly presented and Melissa agreed to and so i now am proud to say i am the new owner of a Grizzly 20" 1,5HP 4&3/4 stroke floor mount drill press. Its more than i was bargaining for in the next step of replacing my benchtop but for the price and the size its a wonderful solution. Comes with a trip to Michigan to visit my buddy to pick it up and he has offered temp storage till i get to do so.

    So hows this for a totally family affair . Thats what you call family having your back. A big big THANK YOU to Jay , Larry and Melissa you guys made my day making this a possibility. ............Ok Larry you got to come home now i want to pick up my drill press and feel a trip to Mi coming on.

    Had me thinking of the incredible Beetles song....just what would we do without friends....


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    Rob .....Alias John Wayne now Pasquinell da Driller.
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    Now THAT is a drill press. I don't think you're ever gonna be wishing you had something bigger. Well done everyone for making the sale happen.
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    Good stuff. Glad to hear it's going to a good home and it will sure be a heck of an upgrade!

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    Very nice, well done to all involved!
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    I'm, very tdrilled too see this happening.

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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    In the immortal words of Butch Cassidy (at least in the movie) "Well, that ought to do it." Great score Rob and a trip to pick it up to boot.
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    That is a lot of dell press. You will not be sorry!
    "We the People ......"

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    "Well done" to all concerned!

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    Best part is it is really helping Melissa out.
    Thanks on her behalf Rob

    Oh and Paul Melissa is looking for hole saws and thinks their is a set there.
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