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Thread: Adirondack Chair - Finally Finished

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    Adirondack Chair - Finally Finished

    WOW! That only took 8 months!

    Genesis thread:
    Design thread:

    Slow and steady wins the race, I guess. I've got to build a mate for this thing now too, uggggg. THAT one is going to get assembled, then sprayed. I've been referring to this project as "That Stupid Chair" for about 6 weeks now. Won't be able to take it outside until April or May....

    I've got probably an honest to God 40-50 hours in this sad thing. Material prep was a bear. All of the 2x material is #2 pressure treated pine of various widths. I carefully examined all my stock and cut around knots and imperfections. There's only 1 knot in the entire chair. I handplaned every square inch of every single board. Then I pre-drilled and counter-sunk about 80% of the holes. Next I stained everything. Finally, I assembled it.

    Here are the finished photos. Took so long that I've lost the few in-progress shots I took. You can see there are lots of Arts & Crafts / Art Deco elements.

    I think I like the little cloud-lift like shape on the lower front cross bar and the rising shapes on the under arm supports best.

    Thanks everyone who gave me advice or ideas.

    Now I can get to work on something I want to! Wine glass caddies.
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    Looks comfy and sturdy! Ahh, if only it was warm out and you could sit on the deck with a glass of wine...
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    I like the design. Looks like great work as well. Nice job
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    Great looking chair.
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    Those look great David, perhaps you can get some use of them this weekend with the warmer weather we're supposed to get.

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    I see an Adirondack chair with a built in wine/glass caddy in your future! Well done. Your patients paid off and the cloud lifts add a nice touch. The next one will go smoother, right?

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    Eight months or eight days...eight years from now you'll still be sitting in it wondering how time does fly....nicely done David
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