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Thread: Relief Carving

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    Relief Carving

    These are the first two relief carvings I've ever done...they are two 10" X 12" plaques ...Since I didn't know what I was doing I just kept it simple...Any advice would be welcomed. I would like to do a landscape but I'm not sure I know how to tackle that? Click image for larger version. 

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    Steve - I will but you in the category of Norman Rockwell. Getting "expression" on the subjects face it a special talent.

    I cannot help you. I can certainly learn from you.

    What amazing work. I love the Girl Relief - spectacular.

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    Polk around this thread. You will find some excellent instruction from Lora Irish.

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    Very nice Steve.
    I like your family theme
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    Thanks Carol...I found her home blog.

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    Thanks Leo...I had to study this for a while before I took any wood out...It was a lot harder then I thought....When you have to shorten the dept up somehow it becomes harder for me....I give a lot of praise to the relief carvers...In my mind's eye that's not an easy medium especially when you have a lot of things going on in the picture...Maybe it's easier then I think, maybe it's just that I don't get it?....I hope there is a simpler way to do this that I'm not seeing....I think that this is where not having a background in art probably hurts me.

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    Back at you Bob!

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    Well Steve you should sure do more, that's my take because those are cool

    What you've done there would fall into the high relief category I think. I've only done a few relief works that weren't nearly as nice and more in the low relief category.

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    From the looks of those, you don't need a lot of advice. They are great. And family keepsakes to boot.
    But, you choose one of the most difficult methods there is to create those. An inset relief is a bugger. DAMHIK. Relieving the image from a flat board is much more easier. What you did prevents getting tools under the edges, very hard way to go. My advice, FWIW, is stick with quality basswood and remove what is not the relieved figures you want. First two? I know experienced carvers who can't do as well. As far as landscape is concerned, just pick yer scene, pencil it onto the wood and go for it. I have the most difficulty with clouds. Suggest practicing those on scrap wood.
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    Thanks Ryan....I may need to practice some before I try a landscape....I'm not sure how to do the leaves on a tree?

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