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Thread: Weekend plans

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    Weekend plans

    Lets try something different. Post your Goals for the weekend.

    Then starting Monday post what you actually got done.

    • I will start. Mine is simple. I want to balance the RPC now that I have it up and running. I don't think I have enough caps but I can start.
    • I want to pull Creach-Tur back in the shop and replace the belts and rewire some damaged wiring. Pull new wires to the lights.

    That is about as ambitious as I am going to get. I am so tired after this week and the heat isn't helping a bit.
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    gettun the rest of the walls up in the new shop!!! got another 66 ft of wall to go, interior walls...and if i get time then will put on some osb to make it stand alone..
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    Our local WW club has its annual BBQ at a lumber yard tomorrow. My goal is not to end up owning a lumber yard by day's end.
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    I have to work part of Sunday so I don't know what I'll get done.

    I hope to get the DC figured out for the Phoenix, maybe even some cardboard prototyping done. I'd like to build the top wheel cover, just to get that done, as of late, there has been very little noticeable progress on the saw.

    Shall see how it goes......
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    We're going out of town tonight for the weekend to visit the father-in-law.

    But I really need to get back to working on the dresser I'm building for my son. Nothing like a pinched nerve in the back to wipe out almost 2 months of woodworking hobby time...

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    I'll be finishing up the chair rails installation, paint touchup, flooring and baseboard to complete the laundry room. I also will be getting paint for the ceiling of the entire house...lots to do so we need to get started on it.

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    Hopefully finish up the sprinkler pump and housing. We'll see if it holds house pressure tonight...if so, I'll test the pump. If you see someone sereaming here later tonight, just ignor me! Jim.
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    Flying to Houston in the morning to vist some folks from "that other ww website" and maybe visit with my youngest son and spouse while we're there.

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    Building a art easel for the wifes birthday. I was on wensday. I spent most of today looking around the shop to find some wood to make it. Found some butternut and red oak. Hope it turns out good.

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    Maybe, just maybe, I can finish the bathroom cabinet that has been in my shop (untouched) for about 6 weeks. I really have been meaning to get out and finish that......
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