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    american born kids and their work ethic

    Makes me wonder what the youngsters today are thinking. Grandson 17 doesn'j have or want to get license or learn to drive Have 2 nieces don' or won't drive. Know several young people who have no desire to drive. Whats that about? I was driving tractors at 11 when dad said get on and get...
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    I'm in need of some CNC advice

    And here it was thinking about trying my own cnc David
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    L-Fence for the table saw ..

    Looks neat even if it doesn't do anything. How does it qork David
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    Wine Stoppers with Celtic Knot 🪢

    Love the celtic knots. Very nice job. David
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    It's Officially Christmas Season in Albuquerque

    Did that as a kid. But no way near that size. Don't think I've ever seen tumbleweeds that big. Just lots of them rolling into fence lines. Loved to burn them. David
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    Good weekend

    Cool bet the kids enjoyed the day. David
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    for you guys making Adirondack chairs

    I'll drink to that. David
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    Friday after Turkey Day

    The sun is shining and it's reasonably warm but still recovering from yesterday's stuffing. Don't plan on stirring very far. Let the better half dictate what happens. Everyone have a safe and healthy weekend and forever more. David
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Enjoy the day people. Enjoy as I did with my children and grandkids. Wonderful day. And ate to much as usual. David
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    Shot my Thanksgiving turkey today

    That's not fair. the turkey was just chilling. David
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    Just a little something I did with some spare time.

    You can't do anything now without a manual telling how to do it. Takes all the fun out of it.! David
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    And now, of course!

    Get better quick. Heed the doctor and don't trake any short cuts. You do need the rest. But your body will tell you that. David
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    Just a little something I did with some spare time.

    Spacing is extremely well done and finish is outstanding. Fine wood working at it's best. David
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    Interesting Approach to Backup Generators

    The y tubers are making a living at producing these videos, so all the free stuff helps to that end. I have learned just to space over the commericals when they begin to push a product. Yes they have some tools, equipment that is beyond the regular DIY person but still fun to watch them...
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    No prime rib this year

    Puns? Aren't they used to make the sandwich with the prime rib? David