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    Chess Table Build

    Really nice to follow the path of a true craftsman. Great build. David
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    Assonet Ma. Sunset

    That is peaceful. Very lovely shot. David
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    Friday, all day 8/12

    Seeing it's still hot (100s) and dry no mowing. Haven't mowed in over a month and grass is dry as can be. hope it can rehydrate after we get some moisture. Going to do a litle smokinhg in the morning. Trying out smoked shot gun shells. No not live ammo. They are stuffed manoccti shells...
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    High tech farming

    Where did the hoe go? Fascinating technology but we will pay in the end. Follow one farmer on ytube, farmerws over 10,000 acres. He does have the gps on his Huge tractors with self driving. Neat. David
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    Happy Birthday Don Baer!

    Happy birthday Don. Enjoy the day and many more. David
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    not woodworking

    Chucks right. drug companies just want us to try all the new stuff Ask doctor some ofm them --he told me to stop watching tv. Told me I csn't afford the ones they advertise. Always gets a rise out him though. David
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    Japanese inspired cherry soup bowl

    Very nice. Good color and grain. David
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    Bathroom remodel

    Looking better every day. Nice job. David
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    Cheap but indispensable tools

    Yes save all those containers. Then I seemed to be a hoarder. So had to quit. Used some but they eventually over ran my shop so just kept a couple and recycled balance. They are some thing like coat hangers. Oh that's right we don't use the wire kind any more. David
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    New Guitar & Gun Workbench

    With those instruments you could use another bench. Just watch for the sharp edges. Ouch and more. David
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    Limbert Tables

    WOW !! What a arteian you are Rennie. I truely admire your craftsmanship. David
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    i may have forgotten to mention it....

    Good for you. Now looking for the tool discounts. david
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    Friday 5th

    Stayibg hidden this weekend. Marion Days is on us. 60000 or more Vietnamese descend on our lirrle town of 15000 population to celebrate there freedom from the Vietcong. It is a religious celebration so all is good, just CROWDED. Totally shut down 1/4 of streets atound the campus on which...
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    Happy Birthday Tom Baugues!

    Happy birthday Tom. Enjoy many more. David
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    A Quick Plane Ride

    Sounds good. The food maked me hungary. Noticed prop stopped turning, guess the air conditioner quit so you started sweating. David