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    This was meant to be a mock-up but...

    Very unique design. well done. Could be used for milking stool. David
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    Friday 26Nov21

    Spent a nice thanksgiving with son and family and daughter and family. Today working on 3d cutting board just for the heck of it. Wednesday had go buy new washer and drier. The drier had quite and washer head several service calls on it and both 14 years old so said bite the bullet and get new...
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    Happy Thanksgiving Family

    That's what best buds do. Hilarious!!!!!! David
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    Happy 100th

    Looking good. Happy birthday to that fine gentleman. Just think of his experiences he can look back on and enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving David
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    Everyone give thanks for all we are blessed wirh. Family friends good food.and the list goes on. Bless the sick and enjoy the healthy. To all a wonderful Thanksgiving. David
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    Yardwork Help

    Hoping for a lizard or two to pop out. David
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    Fun Working on the Car

    The new cars have all kind of buttons and switches which are easy to push and do something crazy. Had to take our new car back several times to figure out what we did wrong. Mechanics just giggled. Should have said , fixed it again and let it go, then you could be man of the hour. David
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    Good thoughts for Sharon.

    My prayers to both of you. Sharon is in good hands with tge doctors, but you take care of yourself also. Sharon neeeds yoy healthy to care for her. David
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    Now this is a tractor

    20 bottom plow would certainly do my garden in a hurry. Don't know if todatys rigs pull that much. David
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    Food Grade Oils

    Yup the mineral oil/beeswax is cheap and simple. Also very available in your local dollar General Walmart or where ever. No need to run out. Yes you do get some fun looks when you get 2 or 3 bottles. I just let the clerk think what he wants. David
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    Friday 19Nov21

    Got leaves all ground up with mower Thursday. Took over3 hours. Wind came up and looks like I never touched the yard. Oh well it gives me something look forward to. Finished up all small projects pending in my shop for the winter however I'll still start something else just don't know what...
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    Hackberry Popcorn/Serving Bowl

    That is a very pretty bowl. The grain really stands out. David
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    Greene and more Greene

    That knocks it out of the park. You have outstanding skills. A true artist. Words just don't do it justice. David
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    Happy Birthday Mike Stafford!

    Have a wonderful birthday, And enjoy a whole lot more. David
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    Having more fun with outdoor lawn projects

    That's really neat. You do a great job. David