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    This just BLEW my mind

    Carp, I'm old enough to have read the books.
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    New hired hands

    I had 3 polydactyls in the print shop "Kayos, Havoc, and Panda(monium)". Yup, they were tons of fun trouble.
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    Dust Collector on 1K range

    Don't forget Bill Pentz and the ClearVue cyclones ...
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    Darren's Shop

    Yup, I end up doing motorcycle (there are 3 of them) work on the tablesaw.
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    What are Your Thoughts?

    Agreed. I've done somewhat similar with a Dewalt 733, on a dolly, on the floor. Dolly only needs 2 casters centered under the cutterhead. Slicker than you'd think ...
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    Happy Birthday Ed Thomas!

    35 years ago, on the 21st of July, my father was checked into Toronto General for some tests ...
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    We have a ladder similar. Opened up like that it's 26'.
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    A Basic Router Sled

    This is correct. You need a relief angle behind the cutting edge. I used to make bo on the lathe cutting with a modified slot cutter (modified such that it cut with the bottom edge). After sharpening as above I would mark the flats with a Sharpie and relieve behind the cutting edge at about 5º.
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    Can You Imagine

    The background at 1:24 suggests bear may be full of salmon ...
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    Something Many of us Can Relate To

    I have some Honduran Mahogany shorts from the late '70s ...
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    Garden Arbor

    I started to make one of that style arbor but overcut the arch unintentionally ... hmm. So I then cut a larger one. Eventually things got a bit out of hand ...
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    How many lumens

    We have a cool white and a daylight tube in each of our dual fixtures. This gives a wider spectrum overall. (Print shop trick)
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    Any of you spinny guys want to help me with a project?

    Shipping cross border would be too spendy. :(