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    Storage Question

    I've a few years worth of peanut butter lids screwed to a ceiling.
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    Friday 4/26 ! 24 O My

    My cat Muff-muff liked to nap in an envelope box (half full of #10s). Medium sized cat.
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    I hate meeses to pieces....

    We had a cat that would drag home groundhogs and offer them to my mother. Mother was not impressed.
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    I know I've said this before

    Love cats. Had 24 of them born in the workshop. Most were pestiferous dustbuckets.
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    Free HDPE

    allen levine ?
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    A Ming-Style Table

    We had (my sister still has) what was a "Moorish Traveling Table". Made to throw on your camel between camps as I understand it.
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    Best Single Serve Coffee maker

    I have a Faema Family espresso kit from '89 at home and the same from '86 at the shop. I think they may be related to a certain bunny ...
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    Artificial Intelligence

    I think he was saying he had a problem with "their" and "thier", not "there".
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    Artificial Intelligence

    Twas just 10 days ago I had dinner with friends. Liz is a professor at a University in St Catherines, and she'd caught one of those. Student will get a "0" on that exam, and a warning not to do it again. Another occurrence and it will go on their scholastic record.
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    Do No Know Where to Put This question

    Actually it's a quite precise pattern. CMK are at exactly 60 degree rotation from each other (the Y is slipped in at 30 degrees). Any other pattern will result in a moire.
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    A few sheaths...

    Thanks. The leather ones were properly double-stitched (two needles as Mike's). Here's a set of shearling whip-stitched dress gloves. The cuff goes over the coat sleeve to keep the wind out. I found the hardest part is to not have the fingers do a corkscrew. BTW, hand stitching a pair of gloves...
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    A few sheaths...

    I can't recall ever making a sheath, but my mother spent some time as a glover in England working, as I recall, for Harrods. Of course she taught us kids a few things. These were for the coral & cream scoot, with matching seat and saddle bags.
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    Gonna Be an Interesting Night

    Mike: I had a chance to scoot over to the Spice Shop on Saturday and take a couple of photos of the "Stitching Hammer". This is the precursor to the pneumatic hammers in use today /\/\/\/\/\ (note the hammer is soft and dull).