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    american born kids and their work ethic

    Back in the late '70s I was a service tech. I've worked on machinery that was damaged by laid off employees. It can be cheaper to send an employee out the door with 2 weeks pay in his pocket than risk damage to a machine. A moment's damage can cost more than 2 weeks pay.
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    CNC Coordinate Systems

    I remember some years ago we had a CNC in the shop and I always set 0,0,0 at the front, left, top corner. Unless we were doing through cuts in which case it would be front, left, bottom corner (to account for stock thickness variations). I also remember too many times my partner wouldn't ask and...
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    Queen Elizabeth

    My parents, who lived about 7 miles SSW of Buckingham Palace in Wimbledon, joined the crowds for her coronation in June 2, '53. I was born July 21 of that year. So I suppose you could say I was there for her coronation.
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    new round to its...

    Umm, yup. (And how many years have I been proofreading? :doh:)
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    new round to its...

    I don't think there's supposed to be a space in toit.
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    OCDC: Same Guys, Same Songs, New Name

    "You must log in to continue."
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    Drove past an Esso yesterday. Posted price was 2.047 per litre (6.01 USD per US gal). I'm so glad the scoot gets about 90 miles per tank (5 litres).
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    Little Maple Box

    Ahh, ok. I do some maintenance work at a place that roasts nuts. Had trouble imagining that "No one likes the pistos" although I'm partial to deep fried cashews myself.
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    Little Maple Box

    Ok, I'll ask again. What's not to like about the pistachios?
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    Little Maple Box

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    Looks like my typing when I switched to a Dvorak keyboard layout.
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    Last time I put 10 litres of gas in the bike it cost more than $20 (no ethanol)
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    Card Scraper Sharpening Redux

    I'd agree with that. A couple of light swipes is all you need.
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    This just BLEW my mind

    Carp, I'm old enough to have read the books.
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    New hired hands

    I had 3 polydactyls in the print shop "Kayos, Havoc, and Panda(monium)". Yup, they were tons of fun trouble.