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    Task lighting trick

    Hi My bench doesn't get enough light, so I use 1 or 2 Luxo type lamps (articulated) to give me extra light for saw filing, joint making, and for anything else the 50 year old peepers need help with. My bench is too thick for the clamp that came with the lamp, and the cast iron base takes up...
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    Drawer planing jig

    Hi Took a few shots tonight of last night's wee project. I'm going to be making a few drawer boxes out of pine. I decided to go 7/16" thickness on the backs and sides. This is not to save money on materials (I'm resawing 3/4" S4S stock for this), but because it'll make the drawers look lighter...
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    Before pic... yeah, that's the ticket!

    Can you tell a man's state of mind by the amount of clutter on his workbench? Perhaps. I spent quite a while at the saw filing vise this evening and I decided that tidying up could wait til tomorrow. I am in the process of organising my resources. I've put together some storage units which...
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    Oilstones - containing the mess

    Hi I've been a Japanese water stone user since the early 80's. I plan to keep using them for certain certain situations (fast removal of metal), but I've switched to oilstones for the most part. What I'd like is to see is how oilstone users set up a honing station (pics very welcome), and how...
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    Hello -- again :)

    Hello Folks, I was active during the first several months of FWW, then I left to pursue other interests. I'm back now because I've dusted out the basement workshop and I'm back at it. I feel much better talking about woodworking when I'm actively doing it. I've done a bit of browsing, and it's...
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    Another "What is it?"

    Hi Gang There's a new set of photos up on the "What is it?" site. Link I missed last week entirely (got a house guest) - be sure to take a look at last week's set for a very attractive wood plane. I'm sure lots of you will recognise this type of plane. Some pretty obscure (to me) stuff this...
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    These week's "What is it?"

    Hi Gang Another set of photos has been posted at What is it? This week's assortment looks well suited to us tool oriented people. There's one kitchen gadget that I've seen in use at an historical recreation. That claw hammer looks like it comes from the golden age of tool patents - last half...
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    Why I haven't been around much lately.

    I just thought I should say why I haven't been posting much in the last few weeks so people won't think I've soured on the forum. One of our members (who shall remain nameless, Larry) and I got to talking about family histories, genealogy and such. I decided, for about the 3rd time in my life...
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    this week's What is it?

    hehe, I'm almost ahead of schedule this week :) A new set of photos is up at the What is it? I think I know a couple of them, but there're a few head-scratchers as usual. Post you guesses here.
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    What is it? Ides of March edition

    Hi I totally forgot about last week's puzzle - sorry. You can still find it on the site. What is it? Let's see what we can figure out!
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    A classic saw with eye appeal

    I came across this Atkins floor saw while poking around on eBay. I just love its lines - looks a bit like a scimitar. The tote is also very untypical. It would really add some variety to somone's saw collection. Link to Auction
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    This Week's "What is it?"

    There's a new set of pics up at the What is it? site. Link Take a look and come back here with your guesses :) Enjoy !
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    Unbelievable Folding Chair - Video

    I didn't post this in woodworking cus I don't know how it was made. Pretty cool however they did it :D Chair vid
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    Get your mind around this gauge !!

    A 4 beam marking/mortise gauge - with a sliding extension. Just what you might need when laying out a couple of mortises of different widths or offset... or what ? This looks like a tool for somebody who's got all the tools. Pretty cool to look at anyway :) eBay Link
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    This Week's "What is it ?"

    Hi A new set of photos has been posted at: What is it ? There's a couple of easy ones this week :) I got 908 and 912 nailed, but I'll keep my mouth shut so I won't spoil anyone else's fun. Enjoy !