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    Good weekend

    Don't you just love weekends with grandkids like that?!
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    CNC made Christmas presents

    WOWSA!!! Those presents will be treasured for sure!
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    Friday after Turkey Day

    Cut and slit a load of wood Wednesday, cut quite a few logs Thursday, split another load today. Celebrating Saturday with all the kids. And unload a ton of cattle feed, pull duals off of the JD and put my mower away for the season.
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    Lathe Upgrade - Shop Made Lathe Attachment

    Very nice modification Hutch and really enjoyed the video. Also I subscribed and really enjoyed watching you turn the porch post.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    +100 To Rennie's sentiments and all others!
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    Friday 11/18

    Hmmmmmm, Audrey coming over tonight. Cutting some wood Sat. Then have to go online and do the online things for my yellow card for bus driving, then need to get all of my paper work completed for the bus and new route I started a couple of weeks ago. Sunday?? Cut more firewood (tis the season!).
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    Happy Birthday Mike Stafford!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mike!!!!!!! Here's hoping you have many many more of them!!!!!
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    No prime rib this year

    2016 GMC pulling a 1988 gooseneck trailer.
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    No prime rib this year

    Well at $650.00 per ton bulk delivered, cost of calves and time, it'll open your eyes.
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    No prime rib this year

    WOW!! We sold our steers this year for hanging weight, $3.75 per pound.
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    5' x 5' CNC Router Build

    Designer slab wood! That should sell better than Chip and Joanne Gaines "ship lap" wood!
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    Friday 11Nov22 Veteran's Day

    We want to see pictures. If still doable, get the wife to take a picture of both hands without any band aids and all 10 fingers. I seriously will follow your journey through this new endeavor of yours. Pictures even with blood will be acceptable.
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    Friday 11Nov22 Veteran's Day

    Audrey's birthday yesterday, mom's birthday today, Audrey's party Sunday, mom's party tonight, brother and one out of 3 sisters coming (mine, mom's children). Cutting wood tomorrow around rain/snow. You all stay healthy and safe!
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    My Version of the Nosy/Whiny Neighbor

    The armadillos were driving by?????? :eek: Were they doing donuts in his yard and pasture?:cool:
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    Band Saw Blues

    Only 2 choices, one eats the other,,,,,,,,,,,,,, well guess on the last motor you got the behind end. :cool: :eek::LOL: