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    Friday 6/7/24

    Week did go by fast. Been busy. Be busier next week as CJ and I fly to Florida to gather mom's belongings and her handicap van from the Florida house and bring it all back to Indiana. Everyone stay safe and as healthy as you can this coming week.
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    Car Ramps

    A pair of after market car ramps, set them in front of your truck's rear tires and drive up on them. That will put the trailer at a good angle and lessen the transition from trailer ramps to trailer. Edited to add: ALWAYS use parking brake when loading and unloading from a trailer.
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    Happy Birthday Leo Voisine!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Leo!!!!!!!! It is my sincere wish there are many, many more in your future!!!!!!!
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    Friday..May 31, 2024

    I have seen you tube videos of that machine! Will be anxiously waiting for your real life results! Take it easy my friend, mixing, pouring and finishing cement is 110% physical torture!!!
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    Friday..May 31, 2024

    Mowed the yards yesterday, weedeated and then took mom out to eat. Today mowed the road sides. Working on a load of wood to split and trim a pony's hooves tomorrow or Sunday. Supposed to rain for the next four or five days. Will be working on the shop and in the shop as I have a student...
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    Friday..May 31, 2024

    When you are renting that skid steer, look into renting the cement mixer that fits on it. It will save all of your backs.
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    So This Happened...

    Congratulations!! This pup just hit the lottery!
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    A couple of little uns...

    I am a sucker for boxes or lidded bowls. Those are beauts for sure. How do you turn square boxes?
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    Vintage Piano

    I have heard even if the keys are ivory, it is illegal to sell or use them. Anyone know for sure?
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    Friday 5/24/24

    Congratulations Mrs. and Mr. Bill Kaminski!!!
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    It followed me home, can I keep it?

    What a journey all of these old survivor cars have, yours though has it verbalized. Sorry about Sharon's brother. Good on you to let it go and now to get it back. One of the nephews close enough to wrench on the weekends with you on it to grow the love for the history of the car and then the...
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    Vintage Piano

    How many hand planes can we use at one time? How many guns can I shoot at one time? How many tractors can I drive at one time? It is all on our focus and what makes us happy. Just messing with you David.
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    Friday 5/24/24

    Hauled in a hereford steer last night, woke up to one of the young holsteins standing in the backyard checking out the new guy! 3:45 pm park my bus at home and done for another year. Completing my 38th year of teaching. Tuesday is records day and then will come home and wash bus inside and...
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    Happy Birthday Jim DeLaney!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jim!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray there are many, many more of these in your future!
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    Vintage Piano

    3/4 to 1" piece of plywood cut to width and length. Attach on one end of plywood ski a piece of angle iron with carriage head bolts (heads down) and an eyelet welded to angle iron. D rings fastened along the length of skid/sled for ratchet straps up and over piano. Roll to stairway with 3 or...