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    Sweet Bedroom Suite

    Outstanding for sure. Great job. The customer will be very pleased.
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    A Shaker Oval Box

    Thanks Dave. Just watched your video on the steps for your friends boat. Great stuff. Looking forward to the Shaker oval box. Still using Sketchup for sure.
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    If Gustav, Henry, and Charles collaborated....

    Very, very nice. Great job. Glad to hear the speckles are gone.
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    A Quickie Project For My Bride

    top notch idea ... happy wife, happy life
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    A&C Overmantel

    Looks awesome. Bummer on the scratches for sure. Maybe then can be buffed out??
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    LIONEL Control Panel Cabinet

    Here is a pic of the table w/o the top.
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    LIONEL Control Panel Cabinet

    Dave, the Lionel L logo is on the main table legs so no need for it on the control cabinet.
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    LIONEL Control Panel Cabinet

    A very good friend of mine is building a large train layout. He had the table professionally built and the builder could not get to making the control cabinet so he asked me. A fun little project. He will have it painted to match the traditional LIONEL colors. Materials: Poplar for all the...
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    A&C Overmantel

    Top notch for sure.
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    Sweet Bedroom Suite

    Beautiful work, great grain. It is going to look amazing when completed.
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    Vanity of vanities! All is vanity.

    Very, very impressive. Great job.
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    Happy Birthday glenn bradley!

    Enjoy the day. Hoping there are many, many more to come.
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    Coffee table in the works

    Absolutely beautiful. Great job.
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    The final two ....

    Larry, I did the carving on my CNC machine. Thanks to all for the nice comments.
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    The final two ....

    020 09:03 AM 0 views 0 times favorited 0 comments edit remove (for another 60 minutes) Finally finished the last two jewelry boxes for the 5 granddaughters. Will be delivered next week. I actually made 6 total with one being my prototype … and this one went to Grandma. A little more...