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  • Stu, I just stumbled onto some videos of you on You Tube. How many do you have on there and how can I get to them without the random hit or miss? I have watched the one on the Ci1 and another one where you are turning an egg. They are great, very well done.
    Hey there Stu!! I see you are just as handsome as ever. Jim Buis here. Moved from Tokyo to a couple of different places and find myself now in Cincinnati, Ohio. Working in Human Resources again. Email:

    If you would like to send me messages direct, our email is mrsweets@embarqmail,com
    mrsweets is my wifes chocolate business which is not presently in business.
    Ooops, sent it off prematurely. Anyway, I thank you for putting your pictures on your sebsite as it showed how I may attach by saw without drilling. I will use rollers I will build into the frame and also include the adjustment cranks and top cross piece like the rollermatic sawmill. Thanks again for showing how you made yours as I can now start on making mine. Your wedsite also shows that you have great imagination making a workshop in your "dungeon" and I have enjoyed looking at your innovations and yankee knowhow. Take care.
    I am a professional forester in Missouri working for the U. S. Forest Service, presently have 36 years in with the govt. and plan on retiring in 4-5 years. I presently have plans on constructing a 30 X 32 foot pole barn/shop/garage to house my woodworking equipment and make a little shop for retirement.
    Struart -- I came upon your website thru a backdoor and I spent the last hour there. How times have changed Tokyo; last night I was watching the Military channel and they showed a peice on the Big Mac --he was entering the Dia Ichi Blg with all the pomp he carried around, As an 18 yo I stood there many times in awe of the big man. Nuf said about ancient history. I want to compliment you on your dungeon. I can't imagine me going thru a 4x4 hatch to do my thing. Your persistance and craft with the DP was neat and when I have time I will return to the WS to read other items. Thank you for an enjoyable hour well spent. I certainly wish I had saved one of our GI maps showing Tokyo as it was in 1946-49. Somewhere in my mother's stuff are snapshots of that day.

    Ray Gerdes
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