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    Greenhouse build

    I like the looks of this style. Better snow load handling over the typical high tunnel. I have the 12' hoop bender from Johnny's and want to try a 12' x 25' in my garden but haven't figured out where I want to put it. I think you can also get polycarb panels to skin them with for more...
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    Fried chicken for lunch

    Seems early, but nice to find some chicken of the woods. :thumb:
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    Friday 31Jul20

    I advocated for working from home at the last engineering firm I worked at. During a negotiation for a raise, the boss caved in and it saved me an hour and a half of commute time, plus more money. I could log in to the company servers and collaborate on line and on the phone as necessary...
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    Quick garden update

    Great garden! Are you keeping busy canning and freezing what the critters left you? I could see some landscape fabric in your future.
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    Friday 31Jul20

    Still pulling weeds in the garden. Overrun by cucumbers and tomatoes, so need to find some neighbors who like to pickle/can.
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    Out With Old In With New

    Looking really good, Steve. Which tennon cutter are you using?
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    a Knitting Needle Box I made from palletwood Part 1

    Welcome, Flip. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects.
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    Beall Wood Buffing System

    You're going to like the results, Dave. Agree with the others on using Ren wax instead of carnuba. Also don't use white diamond on porous woods as it gets into the pores and won't buff out. Good idea to get extension tubes for your buffs so you can get into the inside of large pieces.
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    Getting Edumacated

    Good move, Vaughn. I have an ex military, ex LEO friend who started his own range/school. He's been making good money teaching CCW classes and giving private instruction.
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    I'm still above the grass

    Glad to have you back, Frank and glad the missus made it through too. Hope you both manage to stay out of the ER for a few more years.
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    Friday 24Jul20

    Still trying to wrestle the garden back from the weeds, snakes and rabbits. We have another week to go in our self imposed quaranteen before we venture out for some essentials. My very thoughtful daughters made sure we came home to a refrigerator full of our favorite foods, so we are all set...
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    What to do with this???

    Charley, thanks for the mention of the ticking stick. I watched a couple of videos and can see where one might come in handy, then I went back through the photos to try and find what you were talking about. I think what you thought was a ticking stick to the right of the scraper on top of the...
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    Ye old shop

    Welcome, Walt. It's a pleasure to meet your old friend. Looking forward to seeing some of your projects.
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    White Oak Pedestal Bowl

    Sometimes it works to just let the wood be what it is, flaws and all. Nice one , Dave. :thumb:
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    Happy Birthday Ed Thomas!

    Nothing like a ride on Mr. Stinky to make a birthday happy. Enjoy the day, Ed! :b-day_cake: :b-day: :b-day_cake: