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  • Hi Carol.
    Sorry for the delay in answering you, I have been quite detached from the forum since I cannot ww. I hope to start again when the doc tells me I can try.
    I never thought I would miss it so much, I don't even enter my shop as it gives me the blues.

    Regarding your question, yes, in fact LOML and me are planning to come over US next summer, we are talking about either a single trip or maybe a combined one with several destinations, (two or three at most). So attending your gathering would be a pleasure for both of us, if time and dates can be arranged.
    However, please do not plan it thinking about us, you set your dates and we'll make our best to come. How far are you now from Washington or L.A.? May be we could make those our stops as well and see other FWW friends there.
    Thanks a lot for letting me know and please do keep in touch. I promise I will at least check the forum regularly.


    Hi Toni,

    This coming summer I plan to host a family gathering and I would love to re-create the west coast trip of the four amigos, at least the part where you all visited me.

    I know coming to the USA is expensive, but if you have enough planning time, maybe it is possible. I also wondered if you wanted to show your wife the 'other' coast of America?

    If you are able, my home is your home. I will reserved my guest facilities for you and Marisol.

    The time is not yet set. If you are able to come, we will set the time and date to your schedule. Please think about it. It will be an awesome time together.
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