1. D

    14" Davis and Wells Bandsaw

    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting so I hope I'm in the right location. I picked up an old Davis and Wells 14" bandsaw for $100 and from a novice's untrained eye it looks good. I don't see any cracks in any of the casting, both wheels spin freely and the 3/4 hp motor on it operates...
  2. S

    Latest bandsaw projects

    Just finished the sliegh and treble clef. The sliegh is cherry and maple. The treble clef is red and white oak. The treble clef turned out to be more hand sanding than I bargained for. Finished them with danish oil. Had fun making them so now it's off to the next item. Heart shaped jewerly box.
  3. Roger Tulk

    Bandsaw Table

    I built this today with some parts I picked up at LV on Thursday. There are a few woodworking solecisms in it, but I'm still a beginner in many ways. I added the mitre gauge groove and the T-tracks to a basic table design in Rick Peters' Bandsaw Fundamentals. The track on the left doesn't quite...
  4. Jim C Bradley

    Glenn n JimB BS Total Dust Collect Solution

    Hi, Welcome to the total solution to Dust Collection for the Grizzly 17 inch BS. Use the concept to adapt it to your Band Saw. In the beginning we had the typical BS DC problems. Dust from band saws seems to be more difficult to coral than some of the other machines. Glenn, in his own...
  5. S

    Jet Bandsaw

    I am researching the purchase of a bandsaw and wondered if anyone has experience with the Jet 14DXPR and could comment. Thanks in advance Sal
  6. Jeff Bower

    Bandsaw Addition

    This past Sunday I had plans to take a short road trip with my dad to look at a bandsaw I found on craigslist. Unfortunately I got the flu saturday and called my dad to cancel. He offered to go look at it and bring it home if it looked like a good deal. My mom went along and they had fun...
  7. Chris Inch

    Busy Bee 14" Bandsaw

    I'm looking into purchasing my first bandsaw and I've been scouring the local classifieds for good deals. There's an ad here for a 14" Busy Bee bandsaw, but I'm not sure how good it is. Is Busy Bee a decent brand? The seller is asking $200 and here's the ad: 14" Busy Bee Band Saw, 21 years...