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  • Hi Jim

    I may tease you about your shop with no place safe from clutter (at times). But I always enjoy reading your posts & seeing what your doing. Oh & I expect when it comes to chimney cleaning you probably don't need to be climbing around on the roof anyway.

    Regards, Bart
    Jim, Thanks for the magnets. I went out and installed one to hold the drill press chuck key. I don't know how many times I've been hunting around trying to find that little bugger. Really nice gift and I am pondering on several uses. By the way, if you want some more pen blanks just say the word. I might just send you a cactus skeleton/resin blank. Something I have been playing with in the casting department. With a dark blue/black semi-transparent matrix the pen looks sort of like it has lightening in it.

    Another awesome pen blank I have cast is bald face hornet nest in resin. I'll have to turn a pen and send a picture sometime soon. They are a little troublesome in that there are voids in the resin that have to be patched when you turn the pen, so you need to have some resin available for the patch, although I have used just CA glue and pigment successfully.

    Thanks again for the gift.

    Regards, Paul
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