burr oak

  1. Jeff Bower

    Thick Burr Oak Vase

    What, did you expect a thin vase from me?? :rolleyes: :rofl: I made this as a prototype for some awards I will be making this winter and it was well recieved so I'm will be making 6-12 of similar ones with some verbage burned in where the solid black line is. It's about 15" tall and 6" at the...
  2. Jeff Bower

    Burr Oak

    This one is about 7" in diameter and 6" tall. The center bowl is ebonized with vinegar and steel wool mix and the rest is finished with my home brew danish oil. Comments and critiques are always a welcome thing. :wave: I know it's pretty thick for most of you, but I've had a good run of...
  3. Jeff Bower

    Burr Oak Bowl

    It's just a little 6" bowl, but it's one of my favorites for some reason...will probably end up in the house somewhere. Finish is danish oil buffed with a little paste wax. Critiques and commetns please
  4. Jeff Bower

    My first pedestal

    I found a small oak burl, made the general form (kinda squatty:huh:), hollowed it out and then while parting it off...I misjudged the depth and put a nice hole in the bottom :doh:...put off to the side and left for about 3 months. A few weeks ago I was goofing around doing some spindle turning...