1. Robert Horky

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner ...

    I am ready .... Can sit on the easel or be hung on the wall. Details: white oak, natural danish oil, lamp black acrylic paint
  2. Robert Horky

    Merry Christmas .. I got 'em done

    26 in total. Wood is cherry. Paint is acrylic art paint. Finish is shellac. Lots and lots of CNC hours, painting, sanding ... but so far have gone over very well with all the recipients. 100% give aways (no craft fairs, etc.) for family and friends. Thanks for looking.
  3. Robert Horky

    Family Reunion time .. again

    The winners of this year's bean bag/corn hole tournament will receive a Pipe Ball Game. A little wood, some CNC work, some PVC pipe, some paint, some silicone and clamps .. and they are good to go. still debating if I should color in the lettering Thanks for looking.
  4. Robert Horky

    For my cousin the RV'r

    12” x 12” .. wood is cherry, paint is black acrylic, finish is one coat of shellac, two coats of General Finishes High Performance Topcoat, satin. Thanks for looking.
  5. Robert Horky

    Santa is coming to town

    A Christmas sign for the house. Wood is cherry, paint is black acrylic, finish is GF High Performance topcoat, satin. Thanks for looking.
  6. Robert Horky

    Dog Bones

    Grand daughters in town visiting so we put the CNC machine to work. Made from Oak. They came up with the idea, helped with the design, did all the sanding, painting, urethaning, drilling and hammering/screwing. A fun time for sure. Both signed and dated. Thanks for looking.
  7. Robert Horky

    50th Wedding Anniversary

    BIL/SIL's 50th is coming up next month. Made this plaque for them. Wood is cherry with Natural Danish Oil. Thanks for looking. And thanks to Leo for the guidance on chip loads, router speeds and feed rates.
  8. Robert Horky

    CNC to M&M

    Well, I have access to a CNC and I have been learning/playing. Saw this from Dan and just had to try .. Cut the pieces: Found that the gear, same thickness as spacer behind it, did not spin when...
  9. Darren Wright

    Book Worm Gift - Thumb page holder

    I was looking for a quick and easy gift I could do for some co-workers that I can do on the CNC, but these should be an easy gift to make on the bandsaw, scroll saw, or even a jig saw. May be easier to substitute the oval hole for a round one though. I've attached the vcarve file, a dxf...
  10. John Daugherty

    cutting board inlay

    I made this cutting board as a gift for my uncle's (by marriage) sister for a retirement gift. It's a maple board with a cherry inlay. The board is 12 x 16
  11. Darren Wright

    A halftone study

    I saw some prints of halftones today and saw that the solid color parts were all different sized circles. I was thinking this may work well for doing a v-carve on the cnc. I took a pic and converted to gray scale, used the Filter>Pixelate>>Halftone Color filter and converted it to half tone...
  12. Darren Wright

    How-To: The Router Bit Organizer in vCarve

    These are the steps I took for creating my router bit organizer ( in vCarve. I assume most of this should apply to some of the other Vectric products others are using here. The setup of my board, which was 12" x 10" x...
  13. Darren Wright

    Using a Joystick with the CNC

    I know some of the controller software has joystick capabilities, but like on Mach3, only X and Y are supported from what I could find. I've got a Microsoft sidewinder joystick, which happens to have several other buttons, sliders, and additional axis pivots. I've been using the JoytoKey app...
  14. Darren Wright

    Digital Wood Joints

    I came across some files to download for doing wood joints over on, you have to be logged in to download the zip file. It contains various file formats for each of the joints, 50 in all.
  15. Darren Wright

    Sketchup to GCode

    Just came across the following plugin for converting creating gcode files using sketchup to run a cnc machine...Anyone already using it?