crosscut sled

  1. S

    Miter saw, crosscut sled or panel sled?

    Hi All! I know it's difficult to differentiate between a miter saw, crosscut sled and panel sled. I was confused so I did a research and found an article which explains very well the features to select the better one. Basically, a miter saw is an useful tool to make a variety of cuts (from...
  2. Robert Horky

    Dead On, Totally Repeatable TS Sled

    Construction: * 1/2” ply base * 1/4” ply top * 1 1/4” poplar fences * Incra T-track and T-track plus * Incra precision racks and tape measure (have to add a right to left one and the final extension one on the right); allows for totally accurate and repeatable stop...