1. John Daugherty

    resin maple and cherry box

    Finished this one up. The box is cherry, the top is maple and resin and it's lined with walnut. Teaching STEM I don't have many girls that take my class. If a girl takes my class for three years and isn't a turd :) I started making them a box for a graduation present a couple of years ago. I've...
  2. David Crouse

    Storage box for the wife

    Well, it's been quite awhile since I've posted here, but I have been doing some woodworking, thought I'd post some pics of some of the stuff I've done. Ended up starting my own website just for woodworking so I could show family that doesn't live near me what I do for fun...
  3. B

    maple log for riving

    Hello all, Have not been on the forum for quite some time, but need some help now and thought you good folks could steer me in the right direction. Trying to make a Windsor Sack Back chair in the Mike Dunbar style. The seat blank has been trimmed and the saddle shape made. Using Dunbar's...
  4. Robert Horky

    Christmas sings - Family Tree

    Made 9 of these so far. 2 or three more to go as the LOML keeps adding to the list. Wood is maple, paint is acrylic, finish is GF High Performance Topcoat, Satin. Lots of fun. Thanks for looking.
  5. John Daugherty

    Maple slab find

    Digging through some wood I found this slab of maple I cut three of four years ago and had forgotten I had. It's around 30" long by around 17" at its widest and probably 2" or so thick. I sanded the top some and splashed it with DNA to see the figure a little better. I apparently thought about...
  6. John Daugherty

    cutting board inlay

    I made this cutting board as a gift for my uncle's (by marriage) sister for a retirement gift. It's a maple board with a cherry inlay. The board is 12 x 16
  7. John Daugherty

    milling a maple

    Started a little milling today with Lucas. This is a 8' x 27" red maple that I've had in my spalting pile for around 2 years. This is a side shot after we knocked most of the bark off , and here's an end shot. You can see the middle had started to rot when it was standing. Here's a couple of...
  8. Jeff Bower

    Big Solid Spalted Maple Side tables.

    Not a lot of fine woodworking skill used here, but they weren't made on a lathe so it's flatwork right?:huh::dunno: Anyway, last fall I mentioned scoring some maple logs. Well, there size worked perfectly for some tables a friend asked me to make. I had made a similar table for her sister last...
  9. J

    WTB walnut, cherry and maple

    Hi all, I am looking for some 3/4" thick walnut about 12" wide. Is it possible to find walnut this wide? If you happen to know where I can pickup some or if you have some that you would sell please send me a PM. I am wanting to build a couple of things and would like to make them out of...
  10. Robert Horky

    Candle Holders

    A little diversion from the ongoing Pub Chair project (to be posted on completion in 3 to 4 weeks) .. make some prototypes to get the daughter's approval for the upcoming wedding. So, here is what they will look like .. uprights will be cherry or maple .. maybe some of each ??? Disks are...
  11. Jeff Bower

    Wood Score

    I thought I had posted these pics last week...anyway, I picked up some basswood chuncks (pic 1) and some BIG chunks of maple last week. (pics 2-4) Still not sure how I managed it, but my arms back are still sore from loading the maple into the back of the foci wagon. The crotch piece will...
  12. Jeff Bower

    Maple Log Tables

    Back in May a good friend told me he wanted to build a new computer for me. He had just moved to start a new job, with his family still back in Des Moines until the shcool year ended and was bored at night. He built it before I had asked him what the cost would be and when he gave it to me he...
  13. D

    1057 Piedes

    Maple and walnut. 14.5 inches in diameter and 7.5 inches tall. You can see this bowl being made at ALL comments welcome.
  14. Jeff Bower

    Spalted Maple Bowl

    Here's another thick one from me. It's about 11" X 5" and the finish is 3 coats of danish oil. Comment and critiques are welcome from all! :wave:
  15. Jeff Bower

    What to do with small scraps of beautiful wood

    In an attempt to rid myself of more clutter and maybe make a few $$ too, I cut up some smal scraps this past week and made some necklaces. I used some spalted maple, cherry, walnut, cherry and spalted hackberry. I have a few burned knuckles from sanding them, but I think they turned out...
  16. Jeff Bower

    A busy day at the lathe!

    Started about 9am and just quit now. I'm tired, but it felt good to get back to the lathe for a long stint. 9 bowls finished with 2 coats of danish oil, and 4 other rough outs. I'm doing a show with me dad on the 22nd so I needed to get a few pieces done. The 4 on the left are oak the middle...
  17. Jeff Bower

    Spalted Maple Natural Edge Bowls

    I'm almost out of my first wood score from just over 2yrs ago. I saw a HUGE maple that had been cut into good size chunks and I took as much as I could. Some of it rotted, but some of it spalted nicely and these two bowls are from some of the last of it. The big one is 11" and the smaller one is...
  18. Al killian


    Anyone know of a good source for us northern boys? I am getting ready to make the wife a display cabinet in the arts and craft style and want to use Mesquite for the frame on the glass shelfs. The longest I will need are 36". For the carcass I plan on useing maple and it will have glass walls...