1. John Daugherty

    tool chest

    A friends son contacted me wanting to know what I'd charge to build a tool box/chest for him. It is a birthday present for his brother. I'm to the point where I need a clutch put in my truck and I don't want to fool with it. He graduates this May from diesel mechanic school. I told him if he'd...
  2. Robert Horky

    Dog Bones

    Grand daughters in town visiting so we put the CNC machine to work. Made from Oak. They came up with the idea, helped with the design, did all the sanding, painting, urethaning, drilling and hammering/screwing. A fun time for sure. Both signed and dated. Thanks for looking.
  3. Robert Horky

    New Kitchen Table

    Finally did a project for the LOML. Replaced our old table but did use the slide mechanism. Wood: oak Finish: water based grain filler, General Finishes Oil based stain, General Finishes High Performance poly Dimensions: 42” wide x 60” long w/o leafs. two 12” leafs thus 84” long w/ leafs. All...
  4. John Daugherty

    oak and cherry coat rack

    Made these for a friend. Top one is oak and the bottom is cherry. These are from some trees that I have milled. The cherry has a little bit of curl.
  5. John Daugherty

    small keepsake box

    I made a table a few weeks ago for a friend from a door that was her great-grandmothers. I had to shorten the door and had a piece of the stile left over so I made her this little keepsake box. The top is the piece of wood left over. I think it's fir, but I'm not positive. It has some really...
  6. Bill Lewey

    Hello everyone from Tennessee

    Hey folks. I'm Bill from Pulaski Tennessee. I found this forum and it looks like a lot of good information so I hope to pick up some good tips and get a little inspiration. I like to make walking canes and walking sticks but also do other woodworking projects. I'd classify my work as...
  7. J

    Clean glued joints

    Up until recently, I always glued and screwed everything I built: tables, shelves, boxes, outdoor chairs, etc. But, recently I decided to build a nice little box...10"x10" for my 1 year old son to store the poplar 2" letter blocks I made him. So I bought some 4" wide oak boards (never used oak...
  8. D

    Scalloped Bowl

    When I saw Bernie Weishapel's scalloped vases, I thought that might look nice on a bowl, so I stole his idea and tried it. You can see how this bowl was made at http://dennyedwards.com. All comments welcome.
  9. Jeff Bower

    Squarish Oak Bowl

    Here is some more oak...this one has a ebonized rim and I left the wings square. It's about 10" from tip to tip. I roughed up the rim with a dremel tool while the lathe was running to give it some texture. I then oiled everything but the rim. After that I used my mixture of steel wool and...
  10. Jeff Bower

    Oak wide rim bowl

    Here's dusty cell phone pic (sorry for that) of a wide rim oak bowl that I turned last night. It was DRY and soaked up 2 heavy coats of danish oil...almost can't even tell it has any finish on it in the pic. The little worm hole in the bowl area came complete with a worm! I removed what was left...
  11. Jeff Bower

    Tap Handle - WIP

    I have a friend that is coverting a 1924 dairy barn into a man cave/kid's playhouse. His FIL gave him his old kegorator but it has a Bass beer tap handle...he hates Bass beer and said he needed to find a new one. He's given me TONS of wood for turning and I've given him a couple of pieces in...
  12. Jeff Bower

    My first pedestal

    I found a small oak burl, made the general form (kinda squatty:huh:), hollowed it out and then while parting it off...I misjudged the depth and put a nice hole in the bottom :doh:...put off to the side and left for about 3 months. A few weeks ago I was goofing around doing some spindle turning...
  13. Jeff Bower

    A busy day at the lathe!

    Started about 9am and just quit now. I'm tired, but it felt good to get back to the lathe for a long stint. 9 bowls finished with 2 coats of danish oil, and 4 other rough outs. I'm doing a show with me dad on the 22nd so I needed to get a few pieces done. The 4 on the left are oak the middle...
  14. Jeff Bower

    3 Oak Vases

    About a month ago a couple who are great friends ask me to make 3 large vases and deliver before Thanksgiving. :eek: I delivered them this past Wednesday, just under the deadline. All three are oak brought down in a wind storm locally at Wakonda Golf Club about a year and a half ago. The husband...
  15. Jeff Bower

    Spalted Oak Hollow Form

    Still needs a couple more coats of oil, but it's finished besides that. 7" tall and just about as wide at the rim. Danish oil finish. What do you all think of the shape? :dunno:
  16. Jeff Bower

    Oak Vase

    This one is 7" high and 3" wide. Finish is 1 coat of danish oil and then 4 coats of general's arm-a-seal semi gloss. The interior is ebonized with vineger and steel wool mixture without any finish over it. Last pic is what I've been using for a photo setup, seems to work pretty well. Again...