1. Bill Oberpriller

    Topsy 3 Organ - Laser Build

    I received the plans three days ago. I made a few pipes. Some turned out good, some not so good. I started to draw the parts for the bellows to be cut out on the laser.
  2. B

    Is there a John Smith Universal Organ thread here?

    Hello All, I just joined up and am excited to be here. The forum looks like an incredible resource with lots of friendly, helpful people. I'm currently building a John Smith Universal organ, and although I did find a "Senior Organ" thread and a "Topsy" thread, I didn't find a "Universal"...
  3. Carol Reed

    Organ build

    I was indeed fascinated with Jay's street organs. So much so that I emailed John Smith regarding plans. Now I need to decide whether to tackle the original Busker or the Senior. I am not clear exactly what the differences are. Jay, or anybody else, did you build either or both? I know they...