1. Darren Wright

    Woodland HM126 - Mods started

    :woohoo: Well, SWMBO, and I sat down the last few days discussing options and decided the HM126 would fit our needs. Our goal isn't to cut wood for other people, so I didn't really care much about having it mobile, so I didn't order a trailer. I did get the extended bed, the 14HP Kohler motor...
  2. John Daugherty

    Walnut milling

    It was a beautiful day in glorious East Tennessee yesterday so I thought I'd get outside and do a little milling. Milled up two walnut logs into some quarter sawn and flat sawn stuff. I also split a nice eastern red cedar for my BIL. Got right at 150 bd/ft. We did find two nails that...
  3. Jim Niemi

    Looking for a Sawyer

    I have 18 logs here I need to have milled into useable lumber. I have found out that our normal sawyer has retired from sawing timbers.:( So I am looking for a sawyer with a woodmizer portable sawmill to mill these up for me. I am in SW Michigan. Any ideas?:huh: The logs are as follows. 2...
  4. John Daugherty

    Maple slab find

    Digging through some wood I found this slab of maple I cut three of four years ago and had forgotten I had. It's around 30" long by around 17" at its widest and probably 2" or so thick. I sanded the top some and splashed it with DNA to see the figure a little better. I apparently thought about...
  5. John Daugherty

    milling a maple

    Started a little milling today with Lucas. This is a 8' x 27" red maple that I've had in my spalting pile for around 2 years. This is a side shot after we knocked most of the bark off , and here's an end shot. You can see the middle had started to rot when it was standing. Here's a couple of...