1. Jim C Bradley

    Grinding and Sharpening Jig

    I purchased the Tormek BGM-100 and brought in my faithful (though none too bright) assistant to aid in the install. This rig allows you to go from shaping operations on the bench grinder to honing operations on your wet sharpener while maintaining the tool geometry. First my trusty sidekick...
  2. Darren Wright

    New to me Worksharp

    A while back on one of Jim B's threads we had a discussion about his worksharp. Another member offered theirs for sale to me and it arrived today. I have to say, he out did himself on the packaging, nicest box I've received in a while. Came with a few extra plates and discs. I finally got...
  3. Jim C Bradley

    Which Dry Grinder Wheel

    I have been shaping, roughing in, whatever my lathe tools using a dry Sear's bench grinder. I have a white wheel on one side. I have no idea what it is. The labels are covered and I am not about to dismount it to read the make---which probably does not matter anyway. It leaves the tools rougher...
  4. Roger Tulk

    Card scraper question

    When you sharpen a card scraper, do you, after burnishing the top to get the basic mushroom shape, then giving a curl to one side of the edge, do a curl on the other side of the edge? I have been trying this with scrapers with varying results. I sometimes get nice curly shavings and sometimes...
  5. larry merlau


    this isnt quite woodworking but it is close, it affects a tool used in the craft.. does anyone here sharpen scissors? and if so can you explain how you do it. i have couple pair that after cutting some double sided tape i found they needed to be sharper and they dont cut paper patterns well...
  6. Josh Duke

    Quality Chisels

    Being completely new to woodworking, I have no woodworking tools of my own. I've already narrowed down the list of planes to the ones that will suit my needs in (acoustic) guitar building, and now I need to hone in (pun intended) :doh: on some chisels. To start, I wil only need a few and would...