1. Darren Wright

    Sketchup Mobile Viewer

    Looks like Trimble released a new mobile viewer for Sketchup this week for iPads. I'm sure if I was doing presentations to clients the $9.99 would be well worth it, or to be able to look at my drawings in the shop without lugging around the laptop.
  2. K

    Sketchup Plugin Comp2LayerScene

    I have started a blog about sketchup plugins and the first entry is about a plugin I wrote. This is the blog where you will see the links to the plugin and the demo. Hope you find it of some interest. Edit Plugin can be downloaded Thanks Keith
  3. Darren Wright

    Sketchup to DXF

    Came across the plugin below for exporting sketchup to DXF.
  4. Darren Wright

    Sketchup to GCode

    Just came across the following plugin for converting creating gcode files using sketchup to run a cnc machine...Anyone already using it?
  5. Darren Wright

    Model a floor plan from an image in sketchup

    I found the following video very helpful and thought I'd share. The instructor uses a floor plan image to model a house. He shows a method of how to bring an image to scale as well as bringing another image of a different size to the same scale as the first. Might be useful for recreating hand...
  6. R

    Google Sketchup

    I know we have our resident experts in this program however with new members joining all the time and often these new members are like i was once coming in from the cold so to speak, i thought it worthwhile we post a thread with a link to Google Sketchup the free version as well as goodies that...