1. John Daugherty

    Maple slab find

    Digging through some wood I found this slab of maple I cut three of four years ago and had forgotten I had. It's around 30" long by around 17" at its widest and probably 2" or so thick. I sanded the top some and splashed it with DNA to see the figure a little better. I apparently thought about...
  2. Sahara Sjovaettir

    Best power tool for cutting slabs?

    Hello all, I've been lathing for a few years now but am getting into a broader range of woodworking this year. My question is - what is the best power tool to cut a piece of wood at least 1ft all around (1ft x 1ft x 1ft... just an approx, these will be uneven log or heartwood pieces).... into...
  3. F

    Cherry Slabs

    Does anyone know whats the black lines are in this cherry slab I cut for a table? Im assuming they are worth more then your average cherry slab.