1. L

    Record Player Table

    This was a gift for my husband. We haven't had a proper station for our record player. I wanted something unique and different. I went back and forth with the design for months. Needless to say this project was definitely out of my skillset. The angles of the heartbeat shelves was so...
  2. D

    Round Kitchen this design even possible?

    Hello all, long-time reader, first time poster.... The LOML has found a picture of a table she would like from Restoration Hardware, and asked if I could build it. After I really started to think about it, I came to realize that this table doesn't seem to allow for wood movement at all...and...
  3. John Daugherty

    singer table/plant stand

    I've had my great grandmothers old singer sewing machine for a long time. The top was in really bad shape and really not worth trying to fix. I stripped it down to the base and made a top out of some reclaimed barn wood that was from around the 1920's. I left a lot of the imperfections in the...
  4. D

    Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table and Accessories

    Selling Festool multifunction table and the following accessories for $1,100 plus shipping. Retail value $1,625. Excellent condition. Will use Paypal for secure transaction. 495462 MFT/3 Multifunction Table 491504 FS 1080/2 42-in Guide Rail 491498 FS 1400/2 55-in Guide Rail 491594 Quick...
  5. Roger Tulk

    Bandsaw Table

    I built this today with some parts I picked up at LV on Thursday. There are a few woodworking solecisms in it, but I'm still a beginner in many ways. I added the mitre gauge groove and the T-tracks to a basic table design in Rick Peters' Bandsaw Fundamentals. The track on the left doesn't quite...
  6. Jeff Bower

    Cedar Slab Table

    I've had this slab from a cedar stump for about 3yrs now. I knew the shape would work great for a table, but it got burried in the wood pile. A friend was over a few weeks ago looking at some bowls to pick out a gift for her friend that was coming to town. She saw the cedar slab and said, "I...
  7. Jeff Bower

    Maple Log Tables

    Back in May a good friend told me he wanted to build a new computer for me. He had just moved to start a new job, with his family still back in Des Moines until the shcool year ended and was bored at night. He built it before I had asked him what the cost would be and when he gave it to me he...
  8. M

    Drafting Table

    I have a home office that is begging for a nice drafting table. At one time I saw a plan for a split top table, with ~ 2/3 of the surface able to tip for drawing, and the remaining part a short desk for a laptop, a set of drawers beneath the fixed part of the top. Has anyone seen any plans for...
  9. Al killian

    quick table

    Here is a simple quick table. It is ro 8/4 legs, 4/4 top and 3" apron.It is for folding cloth in the hotel wash room.
  10. Al killian

    Rosewood inlay table

    Well I figured it is time that I start showing that I do some work other then ask questions. I ended up with 6 coats of spray on shellac and then french polished. Followed up by a quick buffing after the table cured for a week. Hope you like it. Thanks to all for the help. Thanks Tod for support...