1. Darren Wright

    What Would Glenn Do?

    Here is the "What Would Glenn Do?" video from Burning Wood II this past weekend... Discussion for this video can take place on the original thread it was posted to for BWII...
  2. Darren Wright

    3-4-5 Rule

    Just something Dad taught me and I use from time to time on projects, like building decks, laying out walls, or squaring up outside projects. I thought maybe some of you may not have ever heard of it or been exposed to it. The 3-4-5 rule is used to get things laid out square at a 90 degrees...
  3. larry merlau

    Drawer slides- Wooden

    show me your examples of wooden drawer slides and how you put them into the piece that you have made.. and any tips on what to do to make it easier.. i have 3 dressers to make and have heard that wooden slides are the best approach to this..i have used the pre-made ones in a hutch and i also...
  4. Darren Wright

    Going from Brass to Bronze

    If you've got brass or even brass plated hardware. You can easily give it a bronzed look by removing the protecting lacquer with acetone, then using a black stained glass patina to transform the look. We're in the process of updating our kitchen hardware. I picked up the patina at the local...
  5. Darren Wright

    Wisdom passed down

    I was speaking with my dad tonight and had asked what he did with his old RAS and tablesaw. He said they were stored over at my sister's place in her basement, but said if I wanted them that I was welcome to them. I was hesitant as my shop isn't climate controlled like her basement/house. He...