1. John Daugherty

    banksia pod pen blanks

    10.00 each including shipping for singles or if someone wants them all the cost is 40.00 including shipping in the US. They are 3/4 or better by 5 5/8"
  2. Daris Robertson

    Turned Ice Cream Scoop

    I've really been getting into turning kits lately. Here was one I did it's an Ice Cream Scoop. I made this one out of cocobolo wood. I think it turned out great. .
  3. Matt Hutchinson

    Four Post Bed Build - Curly Cherry

    My sister wants me to make her a king size 4 post bed from curly cherry on short notice. So over the next couple weeks I will be slamming this thing together. I had trouble locating any 6/4 and 12/4" curly cherry here in MI, so I ordered some from PA. The 12/4 is not very curly, but it...
  4. Jim C Bradley

    End Grain When Turning

    OK, I looked all over. Net result is that I was side tracked a dozen times by something else interesting. Now that I am here I have a question. Glenn laminated up several layers of 3/4 inch walnut from cut-offs from building his chest of drawers. I turned this into a cylinder and finished up...
  5. Jeff Bower

    Work S.A.F.E.R

    I just wrote a bit on my blog about turning safely for the Wood Whisperer Network and the 2nd Annual Woodworking Safety Week which is the week of May 4th. Thought I'd copy the basic jist of it here too...can't remember where I found this info, but it holds true for sure.... Work S.A.F.E.R. S...
  6. Jeff Bower

    Oak Vase

    This one is 7" high and 3" wide. Finish is 1 coat of danish oil and then 4 coats of general's arm-a-seal semi gloss. The interior is ebonized with vineger and steel wool mixture without any finish over it. Last pic is what I've been using for a photo setup, seems to work pretty well. Again...
  7. B

    First turning chisels

    I'm relatively new to turning. I've been turning pens off and on for a while now, but all of my tools (and lathe) are borrowed. I'm borrowing the lathe from a student and the chisels from the shop I manage. Recently I lost access to the chisels because a class needs them, so now I'm looking to...