1. Darren Wright

    5' x 5' CNC Router Build

    I've been collecting parts over the years and I think I'm ready to start a new cnc table this spring, still working on the exact design since it will be based on the equipment I have collected. The rails and screws I recently ordered are 1500mm long, so just under 5', so the usable area will be...
  2. Darren Wright

    A halftone study

    I saw some prints of halftones today and saw that the solid color parts were all different sized circles. I was thinking this may work well for doing a v-carve on the cnc. I took a pic and converted to gray scale, used the Filter>Pixelate>>Halftone Color filter and converted it to half tone...
  3. Darren Wright

    How-To: The Router Bit Organizer in vCarve

    These are the steps I took for creating my router bit organizer ( in vCarve. I assume most of this should apply to some of the other Vectric products others are using here. The setup of my board, which was 12" x 10" x...