1. Daris Robertson

    Wireless Speaker Cube

    Here is one I made recently. It's based on the Rockler Speaker kit, and was a fun project.
  2. Daris Robertson

    Golf Ball in a Block of Wood

    Here is a fun one that I did recently.
  3. Daris Robertson

    Turned Ice Cream Scoop

    I've really been getting into turning kits lately. Here was one I did it's an Ice Cream Scoop. I made this one out of cocobolo wood. I think it turned out great. .
  4. Daris Robertson

    Weather Station

    I made this weather station recently. It has a barometer, hygrometer, and a thermometer. I made this one out of Oak. I'm really enjoying the easy weekend projects lately. This one turned out great.
  5. Daris Robertson

    Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

    Here is one that I made recently. It's a Wall Mounted Bottle Opener. I've seen these before in craft fairs, and online, here was my attempt at making one. The Magnetic Catch is pretty cool.
  6. Daris Robertson

    Finishing for Bowls

    Hey guys, I'm new to wood turning, but recently turned my first bowl. I finished it with Salad bowl finish, which I've heard is vegetable oil? So question is; what does everyone else use? I want something food safe, but is vegetable / salad bowl finish it? Is bee's wax safe? .
  7. Daris Robertson

    Bagel - Bread Slicer

    I made this bagel - bread slicer recently. It was a fun one, and a great afternoon project. I don't know if anyone else here has made one of these, or something similar but I'd be curious to know how they did the slot cuts. I couldn't think of a very "elegant" way to do this. Hah. Anyhow...
  8. Daris Robertson

    Marble Tic-Tac-Toe Game

    Here is a Marble Tic-Tac-Toe Game that I made recently. This was a pretty fun project to make, and it's a great project for beginning woodworking. You can check out my full entry along with a free plan and a video on how I made this at: www.woodlogger.com .
  9. Daris Robertson

    Cube In a Cube Puzzler

    I made this cube in a cube puzzler piece a while back. This is one of those projects that you can make quickly, and is really easy. They make great gifts and my kids really liked them. All you'll need to build this is a small block of wood and a drill press. If your really good you can...