4-way Panel Clamps - SoCal -- SOLD

glenn bradley

I have four sets of 4-way clamps currently listed on Rockler's site for $28.99 each. The Woodcraft version with the replaceable plastic strips are on sale right now for $23.99. They work slick but, as it turns out I just don't do this sort of work anymore. I hate to seen good tools set around unused (not to mention they are in my way ;)).

I'll sell all four sets for $55 plus shipping; not really interested in breaking up the set. I'm at 92557, all four sets without boards weigh about 10lbs. With that info, you should be able to figure shipping to your location. I suggest saving some money and making your own runners (they'll add a good 20lbs to your shipping cost and are 36" long) but, if you want to pay to have them shipped, I have the ones shown made from red oak. I wanted to offer them here first in case anyone was interested.


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