800 pounds of mahogany

those are some awesome doors.

when I first started woodworking, I found a contractor/boat restorer that had 2 warehouses full of lumber. he had more mahogany than any lumber yard Ive ever seen. he had 6x14 inch pieces that were 24 feet long. I asked him how does he purchase pieces of that size and tremendous quantity. He said he went to auctions when the boats come in from south and central america and they sell off container fulls. Anyway, the warehouses he had it stored in, were being sold for condos, so he was selling off alot of his wood supply and I believe at one point I might have posted a pic or two of some of the machines he had in his shop. .....moving on......he told me his passion is restoring sail boats, but he did a ton of restoration of old brownstones in brooklyn and NYC. and when they did the front doors, they used basswood for the door and covered it in mahogany....maybe 1/2 inch or quarter inch? I dont recall now, it was a while ago. I cant imagine what a 500 pound solid mahogany door with stained glass would cost to have custom made these days.

one day he walked me thru his shop, his men were making wood floor tiles out of walnut and something else for a nightclub in manhattan, and another section of his shop they were making wooden cubes for a department store display, dozens of them. so he basically did anything related to wood.
he showed me his sailboat which he had docked within a mile of his shop, on the east river, but on the queens side.