A little teaser for Vaughan!

Walnut blank for the next carve top set neck

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That's insanely pretty, Allen! :bow: Is the back mahogany? Also, is the back tinted or is that just the lighting playing tricks?
The back and neck are Spanish cedar. I can't remember but there might be a hint of color mixed with the lacquer. No color ever touches the wood on the guitars. They are sealed with dewaxed shellac and pumice for any pore filling needed. Then there are a few coats of clear lacquer. We then flat sand and if any color is desired it is done in layers with dye mixed in the lacquer. 3 or 4 more coats of clear and then it's wet sanded and then buffed.

What your seeing on the back is the light reflecting off of the wood grain.
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Here are a few more for you to drool over Vaughn!

I'll take the middle two, Alan! I'll PM you my address. Christmas is just around the corner, lol. :D

You guys are doing some beautiful work. :clap:

Here's my latest acquisition, a PRS SE Custom 22 semi-hollowbody. Got it used from a local guy on Craigslist. I was looking for something with P-90 pickups. This one has Duncan Phat Cats, which aren't authentic P-90s, but they fit the bill just fine.